Donation Methods

Donate Online: Any Wells Fargo Bank can receive checks and transfer donations to our Feeding Minds-Enriching Lives non-profit account. Please ask a banker for our account number ending in xxxx1585.  All donations will receive a tax deductible receipt upon request regardless of payment method.  Please note:  all online transfers to Wells Fargo are anonymous. Email: and request receipt for tax purposes if needed.

Donate by mail: Send contributions to Feeding Minds-Enriching Lives, 9487 W. Ontario Drive, Littleton CO 80128

PayPal: Donations online via PayPal are always welcome and available on our website. Larger donations might consider Wells Fargo to avoid processing fees.

Donate in Person: Cash donations are always gladly accepted.  Call 303.948.4993 for more information.  We encourage matching gift challenges.

Corporate Sponorships:   Matching gifts, seasonal giving trees, shelving, and refrigerators are always in demand.

Kid StuffAs you can imagine, an agency dedicated to children receives a lot of requests for school supplies, warm winter coats, winter holiday meals, and toys.  Think of Feeding Minds as place to donate when supplies when your child is no longer in need of items they have outgrown.

  In-Kind Donations: We would appreciate professional services such: artists, hobbyists and motivational speakers to encourage and lift the minds and hearts of our great kids!  Volunteers to help coordinate grocery rescue, emergency food box delivery, and shelving of food are encouraged to join our Feeding Minds team!!

Other ideas?:  Call to tell us about your great idea or collaborative partnership!

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